Meet our Full-Stack Engineer Ivan

Ivan Schwarz

Tell us about your Zentrick journey?

I’m originally from the Czech Republic. I came to Belgium in 2014 after one of my Belgian friends told me about this new flashy startup called Zentrick.
I gave it a try, sent my CV, went through the interview with one of the founders and I found myself in Gent a few weeks later. It was quite a lot to take in, especially at the beginning. It was and still is my first job. I arrived into a foreign country with a different culture. I was learning new tools and technologies, working with the Zentrick team on our platform and at the same time I had to tackle all the real life issues like housing, registration, insurance and so on. Zentrick was there to help me go through these first critical weeks and made me feel like I belong here and I will always be tremendously grateful for that.

What do you do at Zentrick?

Since the beginning of my time at Zentrick, I’ve been part of the core engineering team. I started as a back-end engineer, but as usual in small teams, my role has been shifting and eventually, I grew into a full-stack engineer. I’m currently alternating between maintaining and extending our cloud infrastructure and developing our advertising solutions. That might easily change though. Zentrick is an ever-evolving company, so there might be new technologies and opportunities lined up for me as we speak.

What do you like the most about your job?

I like to learn and stay up to date with current tools and technologies and that’s exactly what we do at Zentrick every day. Everybody can come up with an idea to enhance our tech stack and there is actually a good chance it gets implemented. We can definitely call ourselves early adopters. If there is a new version of something interesting for us, we are most likely already testing it. My single most favorite thing about my job is Friday afternoons. That is our time to learn or work on whatever we want. We have engineers working on all sorts of interesting projects like an IoT cycling app, a cryptocurrency miner or a virtual poker room. I got my AWS Solutions Architect certificate thanks to my Friday afternoon sessions.