Challenges and opportunities

Pieter Mees

What do you do at DV?

I lead the product and engineering teams that are focused on video and publisher products. This means we spend our time thinking about better web user experiences, new platforms like connected TV and how to handle billions of network requests a day.

What is your team currently focusing on?

We’ve identified several technical reasons that cause online ads to result in bad user experiences and slow web pages. We’re now bringing this to market as a solution that will reduce network latency for online advertising, speed up web pages, deliver better user experiences and create a better web ecosystem for everyone involved. Now being part of DV, means that we can do that faster, in a bigger way and with a ton of additional sales, business development and marketing support.

What challenges are ahead of our engineering team?

It’s truly mind-boggling how many requests and how much traffic our systems deal with in real-time. We don’t think in terms of individual servers, but rather how many dozens of data centers we operate. Our code runs on hundreds of millions of devices around the world and affects a big share of web traffic and the online population. With great power comes great responsibility and we do a lot of work to deliver amazing engineering quality, high reliability, enormous scale and speedy performance.

Why is it worth joining us?

This is the team that I would want to join: amazing colleagues, top industry talent, exposure to the newest technologies, exciting challenges, tons of opportunity for growth and a level of scale you can’t easily find anywhere else.
I guarantee you that you’ll have interesting challenges to deal with on a daily basis, will learn a lot in a short period of time, and will enjoy working as part of a wonderful team.