Life at Zentrick

Pieter Mees

Challenges and opportunities

Our code runs on hundreds of millions of devices around the world and affects a big share of web traffic and the online population. (…) we do a lot of work to deliver amazing engineering quality, high reliability, enormous scale and speedy performance.

Robbert Merlier

Meet our new employee Robbert

When I’m working on a piece of software, I like to be challenged. Zentrick provides these challenges by the nontrivial domain of video advertising, where performance is key and everything runs at a really large scale.

Tim De Pauw

A day in the life of our Engineering Manager

I genuinely appreciate the awesome team that we have today. Aside from being highly skilled engineers, they’re also just a wonderful bunch of people to be around. That’s also why it’s great that we regularly have team activities such as a sushi workshop, a DJing class, or a board game night.

Ivan Schwarz

Meet our Full-Stack Engineer Ivan

Here at Zentrick everybody can come up with an idea to enhance our tech stack and there is actually a good chance it gets implemented. (...) Though my single most favorite thing about my job is Friday afternoons. That is our time to learn or work on whatever we want.

Laurent De Smet

A day in the life of our Engineering Manager

We do pair programming where applicable and have our daily stand-up meetings to keep track of each other's work. Next to this, we also need to sync regularly on some pieces of code because we try to let every developer work on all parts of the system.