Enhance any video ad

Upgrade your video ads with interactivity,
personalize every impression and distribute at massive scale.

A platform for all your video ad ventures

Our solutions empower you to create, distribute and place video ads
with an automated and streamlined workflow.

Interactive Ad Formats

A complete set of reusable interactive overlays that drive engagement and can be personalized per impression.

Engage Viewers

Viewability Integration

A scalable solution to track custom metrics and integrate with your preferred viewability vendors.

Be In Control

Out-Stream Ads

Expand your video ad inventory with out-stream formats that are fully compatible with mobile and desktop.

Create Inventory

What's in it for you?

A cloud-based solution that scales with your needs. No upfront investments.

Easy and seamless integration with your existing environment.

Increased performance for any video ad by overlaying unique interactive formats.

Viewability integrations and measurement tools to embed into any video ad programmatically.

Compatible with any video ad, even when hosted on a third-party ad server. No integrations needed.

Unlimited customizability to tailor your video ads to match any need and requirement.

Technology proven on billions of impressions

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We partner with you to remove overhead,
increase performance and scale your business

Reduce creative costs with our reusable interactive ad formats and provide scalable new business opportunities.

Gain programmatic creative control over any video ad, even when you're not serving them.

Focus on your core business. Maintenance, compatibility with publishers and innovation are on us.

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