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Zentrick Studio

The Smart Video Platform

Where the impact of video meets the interactive possibilities of a website.

  • Create interactive video easily. No technical skills required.
  • Distribute your content anywhere. Every place and platform your video goes.
  • Analyze every in-video action. Get metrics from start to end screen, and in-between.

A Totally New Approach to Video

Video That Clicks with Customers

Contextual, in-video actions drive sales, generate leads, boost engagement and more.

Add a Fifth Dimension to Video

Our lightweight, interactive 'smart layer' adds the interactive power of a webpage to any video.

Infinitely Better Performance

Stronger shoppable results, longer engagement times, and clicks that blow past the standard CTR.

Actionable, In-Video Insights

Intravideo micrometrics capture and report every user action during playback.

Scale and Stickiness

Video now travels nearly anywhere on the Web, with your interactivity attached.

Fast, Easy Creation

Everything you need to create an awesome interactive experience.

Interactive Video Distribution

  • The Zentrick Anywhere Engine delivers playback on any screen. Any device. And nearly any distribution platform.

  • iPhone feels the love: exclusive, patent-pending solution offers immediate, in-browser playout - no download or native app required.

  • Dynamic content publishing lets you make changes to your video, even after it's published. Real-time refresh pushes updates live everywhere on the Web.

Advertising Solutions

  • Transform any video content into an interactive ad.

  • Run multichannel, cross-device campaigns using a single creative asset.

  • Target, personalize and optimize creative in real time, using data­driven triggers like device, location, language and daypart.

Built on Zentrick

The Wall Street Journal

Explore how America’s health-care overhaul will affect you on this first-person interactive video adventure.


Learn one of three recipes in a step-by-step walkthrough video featuring in-video downloads and extras.

HarperCollins Publishers

Order Veronica Roth’s latest book in this exclusive interactive preview.


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One Platform, Two Choices


Customizable interactivity, with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Our awesome, off-the-shelf Power Apps offer loads of customization options for marketers and creators to get started quickly.


Totally custom interactive video, backed by our smart video experts.

Our Maker Apps API lets development pros and creative agencies code bespoke interactive elements from scratch.