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Not your average wrapper.


Seamlessly integrate any video ad with a selection of vendors from our extensive plugin catalog.

Multiple integrations at once

Activate different integrations in parallel without the typical latency, discrepancy and breakage costs.

Ready to go

Off-the-shelf integrations with all leading verification vendors.

Be in control

Doesn't require any coordination with third parties.

Suited to your needs

Allows custom integrations for your favorite analytics, ad formats or DMP platform.


Accelerate your customer's video ad delivery using our server-assisted unwrapping technology, ultimately leading to a smoother user experience and higher fill rates.


Avoid expensive client-side round trips by resolving VAST wrapper chains server-side.


Remove even more latency by inlining third-party scripts directly into the VAST response.


Further decrease latencies by routing traffic through our globally distributed cluster, operating close to the end user.


In contrast with other wrapping solutions, the Unwrapper won't break non-VPAID inventory and the original video ad's metadata.


No complicated APIs, everything is configurable through a URL-based format which makes it easy to integrate into your current infrastructure.


VAST 4.1 and OMID ready.


Link your own branded domain names to our managed infrastructure.

Fixing Breakage


Breakage rates of 20% to 50% are seen as acceptable in the video ad tech industry. The top line revenue loss is huge, as is the potential for growth.

Up to 50% of ads fail

Every missed impression means wasteful spending and missed revenue. The potential gains are large, industry-wide and easy to calculate.

Part of ad tech life

Misaligned incentives and ephemeral relationships between parties in the value chain make reducing video ad breakage a challenge.

The weakest link

Fixing breakage is not about toggling a single switch. We see ads fail across the value chain and in each step of the playback process.

A 4-stage rocket

Flag and pinpoint problems. Assign and prove blame. Mitigate problems autonomously and granularly. Incentivize all parties. A four-stage rocket to bring down breakage.