Every video has an objective.
We found a smarter way to get there.

It’s time to think different about video

Interactive video in context

We’re making video actionable

Context. It’s what’s in.

Interactive video overlay

Zentrick adds a fifth dimension to video

It’s not your video on a page, it’s your page in a video.

Interactive video analytics

Everything that counts can finally be counted

In-video metrometrics go light years beyond impressions, view counts and duration.

I want to engageify
my video.

We have an app for that.

See How Easy It Is

The Zentrick Anywhere Engine

Interactivity just works.
Even on platforms not built to support it.

You know video goes a lot of places today. But interactive video? That’s another story.

We’ve solved the playout puzzle with more than 1,810 different combinations of platforms, operating systems and browsers.

You’re welcome.

Infinitely better performance than regular video

Stronger Shoppable Results

42¢ or more per view
on average.

Better Viewer Engagement

19.6% more time spent
on Zentrick videos.

Content That Clicks
With Viewers

10.2x more clicks
than the average CTR.

Awesome companies
we work with

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